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Ismael Yassin Fi al-Ostoul
  [Dir. Fathi Abdel Wahab, 1957]

Esmat—Publishing List is a collaboration between Shahd El Sabbagh (designer) and Nour El Safoury (editor). Together we develop, produce and publish a collection of printed material that invokes fictional characters—characters that either never existed or existed in the past and we now only have mediated access to them. The publications appearing in the list explore ways of working together with these fictional characters, the provocations that they present to us today and the feelings they call up—loss, longing, infatuation, gratitude, love, jealousy. As a whole, Esmat’s productions form a constellation of feelings that embodies the entanglements in our sense of self and the processes of erasure and reinterpretation that form selfhood.    

We work with artists, writers, photographers, performers, editors, designers, other publishers, and printers to produce artist books, critical monographs, (maga)zines and print ephemera. Esmat is our community around publishing. Our work intersects with arts, cinema and culture institutions. We distribute and circulate Esmat’s productions in various contexts inside and outside of art and design spaces and bookshops.

For now, we consider Esmat a space to think cinematically about bookmaking. How could the glamour of cinema be translated into printed format—the play of light, sound, movement, scenography, textures, gazes, and embodied feelings?    

Artist books 
Critical Monographs 
Print Ephemera
Print Installations

Current Titles on the List

★ Let The Sea Eat Me: To Perform A Ferry (performance scripts) - Mohamed Abdelkarim [March 2021, ENG] ★ Characters: That Leave Us With Heavy Feelings (Panorama Dailies) [March 2021, AR] ★Cup Of Tea With Fathi Mahmoud - Yasmine El Meleegy [upcoming] ★Lose Weight Now, Ask Me How - Mohammad Shawky Hassan [onging]

Guest Talks & Speaking Engagements

—    Film Criticism Using The First Person Pronoun  - Essam Zakarea  [Nov 2020, Bilingual] - Closed session.
—    The Mythical Hero: The Fluidity of Reality and Fiction - Laila Arman  [Nov 2020, Bilingual] - Closed session.

Nour El Safoury is an independent editor and film critic. Her writing has been published in retrospective and exhibition catalogs as well as in “Al-Film Magazine,” and “Mada Masr”. Nour holds a M.A. in Film Studies from King’s College London and a B.A. from Johns Hopkins University. She is a member of the Qaaf. Laam. Collective, a group that works together to build and support more just and fair work conditions in arts and culture.

Shahd El Sabbagh
is an independent Arabic type and graphic designer, co-running a small Cairean Arabic type collective —Heheh Type—publishing works in progress on Future Fonts.


If you have an idea you’d like to share with us, a proposal for a new publication, want to collaborate, or distribute our printed material, we would love to hear from you. Send us an email at info@esmatpublishes.me and we will reply back!

If you’d like to share with us a publication proposal, we recommend the following format: Send a short exposé with a maximum of five pages, including project description, images, and information about the author/artist. We carefully check all mailings, and will write back. Thank you for sharing your ideas with us!


We’d love to have Esmat’s publications available to a wide audience of readers in public, academic and institutional libraries as well as at book shops and book fairs. So if you represent an institution and would like to have an institutional copy, please get in touch. If you’re a distributor or have a book shop and would like to carry some of our publications, email us. Finally if you like our work and would like to have it in your town or city, please connect us to your favorite local book shop, art institution, library or book fair and we will try to liaise with them.

Our press kit will be available soon to download here


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